Precautions for use of fire hose connection

Issuing time:2018-07-17 00:00

The interface is the joint between the hose and the hose, the fire pump, the fire hydrant and the mobile water cannon. There are mainly hose connection, pipe tooth interface, valve cover, internal thread fixing interface, external thread fixing interface, diameter reducing interface, special type interface, etc. Note in its use:

Heavy duty should be avoided when used or stored to avoid falling, bumping and heavy pressure in case of deformation and difficult installation and disassembly.

Before connecting, the sliding tank and sealing parts should be carefully checked. In case of any sludge, sand and other debris, it should be removed to avoid improper sealing and difficult installation and removal.

When connecting the internal button type interface, the buckle should be inserted into the slot and then screwed in clockwise direction. When connecting the hose, the hose should also be straightened to prevent the hose from twisting and allowing the interface to detach itself.

To ensure the connection is reliable, plug the insertion of the female interface spring pin into the male interface card slot until the sound of the male interface spring pin is heard.

In case of corrosion of metal parts and deterioration of rubber sealing rings, avoid contact with acidic, alkaline or other chemicals.