Did you learn anything about fire prevention in spring?

Issuing time:2018-07-17 00:00

In order to reduce the occurrence of fire in spring and raise people's awareness of fire prevention, we have specially arranged some matters concerning fire prevention in spring, and reminded students to pay attention to fire prevention in spring. We hope that we can enjoy the beauty of spring day and stay away from the threat of fire in this season of warm spring flowers.

Why is spring more likely to start a fire?

The weather is changeable in spring, windy and dry. There is more activity and people are more active, so it is more likely to cause fire.

Dormitory safety tips

Check the cause of dormitory fire

1. Pull the wire without permission

In violation of regulations, pull and connect wires randomly, it is easy to damage the insulation layer of the line and cause short circuit of the line, thus causing fire accidents.

Use high-power electric appliances in violation of regulations

The buildings, power supply lines and power supply equipment of colleges and universities are all designed according to the actual use conditions. High-power electric appliances such as electric stoves, rice cookers, hair dryers, electric heat cups and fast heat gain are illegally used in the dormitory to overload the power supply lines and heat them up.

The use of electric appliances is unattended

A lot of electrical appliances need to be shut down to stop operation. If there are any electric appliances in use in the dormitory, people will leave.

4. Short circuit of electric wire leads to fire

There are many reasons for short circuit of electric wires. Students should pay attention when using electricity in the dormitory.

Self-ignition of electric appliances and combustible materials caused by lighting and heating

For example, a light bulb over 60W is close to paper and other combustible materials, and it is easy to catch fire if it is baked for a long time. Use electrical appliances according to instructions. Use electricity safely.

6. Use fake, inferior and other unqualified electrical appliances

The charger is charged for a long time and is covered by clothes.

Seven, open flame

Avoid using open flame in dormitory as far as possible, also remember to extinguish completely after use.

Fire prevention tips

1. Do not connect power supply randomly to prevent fire caused by overloading current caused by power supply randomly.

2. It is strictly prohibited to use the damaged plug, socket and other terminal boards, and do not buy or use low-quality electrical products.

3. Do not use aging wires with no insulation tape at the joints, and do not use unplugged wires.

4. Do not install the bedside lamp or desk lamp privately. Do not put the lamp near the combustible materials such as pillow, bedclothes and mosquito netting. Keep a safe distance.

5. Do not use electric stoves, fast heat, electric cups, electric frying pans, electric rice cookers and other electric appliances in violation of regulations.

6. Make the lights go out, turn off the power, save energy and eliminate hidden dangers.

7. Avoid using open fire in the dormitory.

About safe escape

1. Wet towel or handkerchief should be used to cover the mouth and nose (but towel and handkerchief should not be more than six layers thick). Caution: do not evacuate downwind, should quickly escape to the windward to avoid the attack of fireworks. Due to the characteristics of too much smoke accumulation in the upper space during fire, rapid upward spread and slow horizontal spread, so when escaping, do not walk upright, should bend over or crawl forward, but when oil liquefied gas or urban gas fire, should not use creeping forward.

2. Cover the soaked cotton coat, quilt, door curtain, blanket and sack on the body. After determining the escape route, run out of the fire field at the fastest speed and reach the safe place. Cover the nose muzzle to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning.

3. If the fire in the corridor or opposite door or next door is too big to be evacuated, you can retreat into a room and seal the door seams with towels, blankets, quilts, mattresses or other fabrics to prevent heat exposure. You can keep watering the door to cool down. To prevent the invasion of external flames and smoke, so as to inhibit the spread of fire and extend the time.

4. In case of fire, when there is no way to escape, the toilet can be used for refuge. Because toilet humidity is big, temperature is low, can splash water on the door, on the ground, undertake cooling, water also can spray to the outside door from the door seam place, achieve the goal of cooling down or control fire to spread.

5, if the floor is on fire, because the stairs of the flue gas fire special heavy use house balcony, water valve, rain loose, also can use rope, fire hose, also can be replaced sheet tore into a connection, but end tightly tied to solid heating system pipe or scattered heat slices hooks (radiator of hook) and the doors and Windows or other heavy objects, under the down a rope.

6, such as self-help measures taken by the unconditional, and time is pressing, fireworks threat is serious, forced to jump off a building, the lower floor can use this method to escape, but first thrown to the ground after some quilts, sofa cushions, to increase the buffer, and then hand the windowsill slipping, to jump off a building height, and make sure your feet first fall to the ground.