Avoiding smoke in a fire can be tricky

Issuing time:2018-07-17 00:00

How do we avoid the smoke in a fire? The fire department warned that in the event of a fire, to keep calm, and choose wet towels, low air breathing and other methods to escape the smoke quickly.

People close to the fire said smoke from the fire killed between four and five times as many people as burned. In air with a 1.3 percent carbon monoxide concentration, people lose consciousness after two or three inhalations and die after one to three minutes of breathing.

Donghai sentian fire equipment reminds that many people are familiar with the method of covering their noses with wet towels. However, when preparing towels, they should choose cotton towels. Also should thoroughly soak, twist to half dry, too wet towel can make breath difficulty, the moisture content of towel is controlled below 3 times of towel weight commonly; Finally, cover your nose and mouth with a wet towel folded four to eight layers. This is a simple gas mask.

In addition, choosing a low-altitude breathing method to avoid the smoke may also allow time for escape. Generally, when the high altitude and the central area of the building are filled with smoke, there will be oxygen at the edge of the wall and the corner 20 centimeters away from the ground. There are other techniques that can be used in emergencies. In some empty mineral spring water bottles, bottles and other bottles, there is generally residual oxygen. When the smoke is unbearable, it is aimed at the mouth of the bottle and inhaled. In addition, the water and air in the water dispenser can also be used, which can prolong life by about 4 minutes. Some tubules, such as pipes and wire pipes, are also useful in a fire. Stick them out of the window and breathe. The fresh air out of the window can enter the room. Breathing into the mouth of the tube, which can be used by multiple people, is very useful for preventing asphyxiation.

Donghai sentian fire equipment summed up when the fire, to keep calm, not panic, not blind action, timely dial 119 alarm, and use all available conditions around the escape.