Fire knowledge and equipment that can save lives

Issuing time:2018-07-17 00:00

In winter, whether in homes, units or construction sites, the use of fire, electricity and oil increased, but also increased fire hazards, coupled with dry weather, resulting in fire accidents from time to time. What are the fire hazards in daily life and work? How to prevent, check and eliminate these fire hazards? The following summarizes the knowledge of fire prevention:

Primary fire prevention can reduce fire incidence by 60%

(1) the whole society should raise the awareness of fire safety, maintain fire safety and prevent fire disasters. It is not just a matter of one unit, nor is it only a matter of fire control departments and responsibilities, but a common responsibility of the whole society.

(2) all production and business units and fire control responsible units shall tighten the string of fire control safety, and attach great importance to fire control safety in terms of systems, personnel allocation, equipment allocation and management.

(3) to strengthen the practice of fire emergency plan, it is usually necessary to organize fire control safety study once or twice a year.

(4) it is necessary to strengthen fire control safety inspection, inspection and rectification work, so as to keep up with it from time to time, day to day, and take responsibility for the job and the person in charge.

Better prevention could reduce the fire rate by another 20%

In addition, at any time the progress of science and technology and the development of social economy, as well as the development of the Internet, the cloud data technology, also can use technology to fire the Internet of things to improve the management level of fire safety science and technology content, in the event of fire, timely detection, timely warning, timely treatment, can significantly reduce the fire risk. At present, the fire control network has been widely used in petrochemical, banking, hospital, education and other industries as well as units and communities.

You can improve your chances of surviving with your family by 80%

Everyone can become a fire enthusiast (fire experts), and they must learn relevant fire knowledge and escape knowledge. Publicize the knowledge of fire fighting, set up the concept of fire fighting, strengthen the construction of fire fighting, and drive more people around to join the publicity of fire fighting knowledge. Be good at observing fire hazards around you and report them to the local fire department. This is an act of virtue and kindness. While reducing the risk of fire in the whole society, it is also a way to protect ourselves and our families from fire damage.

4. Knowing how to configure common fire equipment can improve the chances of survival for you and your family by 90%

The corresponding fire extinguishing system is necessary, gas fire extinguishing system can be divided into fire extinguisher (e.g., seven fluorin propane, carbon dioxide, IG541, ultrafine powder, aerosol, fire test tube, etc.), solid, drainage, fire extinguishing system (low and high pressure water mist), foam (water film, fluorine protein, etc.), etc., are for different occasions, different fire and equipped with.

(1) large units and communities shall have full-time fire brigades

(2) for civil residential buildings, schools, hospitals, nursing homes and shopping malls, if possible, the installation of escape slides should be considered

Micro fire engines may be equipped in communities and streets

(4) ordinary residents may be equipped with small fire extinguishers, fire masks and independent fire alarms at home.

(5) residents of high-rise residential buildings should be equipped with escape elevators, safety ropes, fire masks, fire blankets and other equipment.