How to use fire hose correctly

Issuing time:2018-07-17 00:00

The fire hose is divided into two types: lined and unlined. The lining fire hose includes cotton, nylon lining glue belt, polyester filling glue belt and hemp coating plastic hose. Unlined water with cotton hose, flax hose, ramie hose. Below is the information about the correct use of fire hose compiled by jincheng xiaobian for your reference.

Proper use of fire hose

1. Open the fire hydrant door and take out the hose and nozzle.

2. Check whether the hose and the joint are good, and it is strictly prohibited to use if there is any damage.

3. Lay the hose in the direction of the fire site to avoid torsion.

4. Connect the hose near the fire hydrant end to the fire hydrant, insert the connection button into the sliding slot accurately and tighten it clockwise.

5. Connect the other end of the hose to the nozzle (the connection procedure is the same as the hydrant).

6. After the connection is completed, at least 2 people hold the water gun tightly and aim it at the fire field (do not do it to people, and prevent the high-pressure water from hurting people).

7. Slowly open the hydrant valve to the maximum and fire fighting at the root of the fire site.

8. The fire hose shall be connected. When the fire hose is fitted with the fire hose interface, a soft protective layer shall be provided, and then it shall be fastened with galvanized iron wire or throat hoop.

9. Use of fire hose. When using the fire hose, the high-voltage fire hose should be connected to the water pump, and the fire hose after water filling should prevent torsion or sudden bending, and at the same time prevent the fire hose interface from collision damage.

10. Laying fire hose. Laid fire hose, to avoid sharp objects and various oil, to the high vertical laid fire hose, to take advantage of fire hose, through traffic main artery laid fire hose, fire hose should be fitted to protect the bridge, by rail, fire hose should be here by orbit, avoid fire hose is bad and intermittent water supply wheel grinding.

11. Prevent ice from freezing. In severe winter, when the water supply needs to be suspended in the fire field, to prevent the fire hose from freezing, the water pump needs to operate slowly and maintain a small amount of water output.

12. The fire hose shall be cleaned. After the use of the fire hose, it shall be cleaned. For the fire hose that carries the foam, it shall be carefully cleaned and the rubber layer shall be protected. In order to remove the grease on the fire hose, wash it with warm water or soap. For the frozen fire hose, melt it first, and then clean the fire hose that is dry and does not dry.